Test Delivery Medium Matters: Cognitive Effort Exertion on Assessment

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  • Tuncer AKBAY
  • Lokman AKBAY Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa
  • Osman EROL




computer-based-testing, paper-based-testing, cognitive effort, cognitive process, CBT, media in education


Integration of e-learning and computerized assessments into many levels of educational programs has been increasing as digital technology progresses. Due to handful of prominent advantages of computer-based-testing (CBT), a rapid transition in test administration mode from paper-based-testing (PBT) to CBT has been emerged. Recently, many national and international testing agencies have been offering electronic version of some low- and high-stake tests along with their paper versions. In this study, we aim to examine test administration mode effect from a standpoint of cognitive effort exertion. To this end, the results of this experimental study suggest that the cognitive effort exertion rates of CBT and PBT examinees are different. More specifically, the study results suggest empirical evidence that examinees exert higher cognitive effort in a CBT in comparison to its PBT counterpart.




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AKBAY, T., AKBAY, L., & EROL, O. (2021). Test Delivery Medium Matters: Cognitive Effort Exertion on Assessment. Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Technology, 9(2), 76–85. https://doi.org/10.52380/mojet.2021.9.2.273