An Investigation of Teachers’ Artificial Intelligence Awareness: A Scale Development Study

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  • Deren Ferikoğlu Bahçeşehir University, Turkey
  • Ergün Akgün Bahçeşehir University, Turkey



Artificial intelligence, scale, awareness


In this study, a scale was designed and developed by the researchers in order to resolve the awareness of teachers about the integration of artificial intelligence into education, as well as their predisposition to developing the concept of artificial intelligence and its sub-branches. Awareness of teachers on artificial intelligence were converted into score ranges and maximum competencies that could be reached for each level were established. In the research, it was aimed to develop a scale that reveals the awareness of artificial intelligence of teachers with a reliable, current and valid scale and to contribute to the literature by providing a measurement tool. “Teachers' Artificial Intelligence Awareness Scale”, developed by the researchers as a data collection tool, was first tested on 30 teachers as a pilot application and then on 561. The research population is an appropriate sample. Data collection was done through a questionnaire on Google Form. The population sample of the study consists of 561 private school and public school teachers. Likert-type scale items were created to examine the awareness of teachers. The research method was designed quantitatively. In the validity and reliability tests of the scale items, frequency and percentage calculations were made using the SPSS program and the data obtained were then shuffled into the research.




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Ferikoğlu, D., & Akgün, E. (2022). An Investigation of Teachers’ Artificial Intelligence Awareness: A Scale Development Study. Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Technology, 10(3), 215–231.