Variables Predicting Video Development Process in Teacher Training

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  • Mehmet Şahin Solak
  • Kevser Hava
  • Can Meşe



It is very important for pre-service teachers to use digital technology effectively and productively during their education and in the educational institutions that they would work in the future. Thus, video development process is an effective learning environment in improving the digital skills of students and acquisition of new skills by the students. The present study aimed to determine the factors that predict the use of video development activity in the instruction process. Freshmen pre-service teachers attending different departments participated in the study. During the three-week application period, students developed videos on social responsibility issues. In the study, which was designed with single group experimental design, video development score was determined as the predicted variable, and emotion, motivation, personal innovativeness, and self-efficacy beliefs on educational internet use were determined as the predicting variables. Multivariate regression analysis findings demonstrated that only the emotion variable was a significant predictor of the video development score, while other variables were not significant predictors of video development score.




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Solak, M. Şahin, Hava, K. ., & Meşe, C. . (2019). Variables Predicting Video Development Process in Teacher Training. Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Technology, 7(2), 97–112.