Teachers' Views About The Use Of Tablet Computers D?stributed In Schools As Part Of The FAT?H Project

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  • Özcan Erkan AKGÜN
  • Ömer Faruk GÖKMEN
  • Ibrahim DUMAN




The purpose of this study is to investigate teachers' views about the use of tablet computers distributed as a part of the FATIH (Movement for Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology) Project. In this study, the case study method, one of the qualitative research methods, was used. The participants were twenty teachers working in secondary schools and in various fields. Data were collected using a form with semi-structured questions. For analysing the data, content analysis was used. In addition, the frequency of analogical remarks and participants’ statements supporting the findings are included. The findings of the study represents that the teachers had not received in-service training on the use of tablet computers and that they rarely used them in education. It was also identified that the teachers using tablet computers are very few and that they use these tablets for the purpose of doing exercises or getting learners to watch videos and animations. Several reasons for not using tablet computers were identified, such as; there is no connection between the tablet and interactive whiteboards (IWBs), tablets cause teachers to encounter classroom management problems and can distract students, and students play games on the tablets while teachers are teaching in the classroom. In addition, the teachers stated that the tablets have restrictions on access to educational contents, that they could not access any resources except the Educational Informatics Network (EBA) and that the content of EBA is inadequate. Finally, the teachers stated that infrastructure problems (such as network and internet connections) should be solved in order for them to be aided in the education processes and further, that teachers should receive in-service training on teaching and learning with tablets.




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AKGÜN, Özcan E., GÖKMEN, Ömer F., & DUMAN, I. . (2018). Teachers’ Views About The Use Of Tablet Computers D?stributed In Schools As Part Of The FAT?H Project. Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Technology, 6(2), 21–37. https://doi.org/10.17220/mojet.2018.02.002