Students’ Performance in Geometrical Reflection using Geogebra

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  • Pavethira Seloraji Tenby International School
  • Kwan Eu Leong Universiti Malaya


During this era, students need to grasp the concept of geometry instead of memorising formulae. This is important for them to further their knowledge in geometry. The purpose of the research was to determine whether Geogebra Software influences year one students’ performance in geometrical reflection. The research utilised an experimental research method. A total of 24 Year One students were randomly selected from an international school. The research used pre-test and post-test. The sample selected were taught and learnt by using Geogebra Software after the pre-test. Then, a post-test was given to the students. A paired sample t-test was conducted and the results indicated a significant difference between pre-test and post-test. The research also conducted ANOVA to test the group of gender and the group of the students’ ability on students’ performance on geometrical reflection. The findings show a significance difference at the p < .05 level in scores for two gender groups F (1, 23) = 14.848. There was also a significant difference at the p < .05 level in scores for three ability groups F (2, 23) = 15.070. In conclusion, the study implies using Geogebra Software enhances students’ performance in geometrical studies. Implementing teaching and learning geometry using Geogebra Software would help students to explore the concept more in detail and help them to build and develop their knowledge of geometry.




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