E-readiness of EFL teachers

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  • Mustafa Caner Akdeniz University




Teachers readiness, EFL teachers, Educational technology, e-readiness, technology preparedness


Integrating recent technologies into the education environment is one of the dynamic requirements for teachers of digital age learners. Such requirements oblige teachers to have adequate technology competence and know-how to integrate them into their pedagogical practices. Thus, the present study intends to illustrate English Language teachers' technology readiness profile in a city located on Turkey's southwestern Mediterranean coast. Adopting a mixed-method research methodology, the gathered data were examined to answer the research questions. Findings revealed that over half of the participants have decidedly negative attitudes towardstechnology integration, and they are not ready to use them in their teaching environments. Additionally, findings revealed a reverse relationship between teachers' daily technology use and e-readiness in their classroom practices. Thus, results showed that the e-readiness of mostEnglish Language teachers in the region is entirely below the expectations. Concerning the findings, we suggest that functional and pleasing training, either as in-service or certified promotions, should be organized to nurture positive attitudes towards technology use in the classroom and increase teachers' e-readiness and acquaintance with technology.




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ÇALIŞKAN, E. ., & Caner, M. . (2022). E-readiness of EFL teachers. Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Technology, 10(1), 1–15. https://doi.org/10.52380/mojet.2022.10.1.266