Investigation of Preservice Teachers' Theory Use Through Course Video

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  • Seval Deniz KILIÇ Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Education Faculty
  • Ercan Masal SAkarya University



The use of theory which has been described as an efficient tool to build a bridge between theory and practice has recently become one of the subject matters which the mathematics educators pay attention. The main purpose of this study which examines the preservice mathematics teachers’ levels and nature of use of theory is to enable preservice teachers to enrich their practical knowledge with theory. As a result of this case study which consisted of 20 preservice mathematics teachers and adopted qualitative research methods, it was found that the preservice teachers’ habits of use of theory accumulated to the level of description and in addition to this, theory use mostly accumulated to the third level. That is, the preservice teachers have a great tendency to explain the current situation. At the end of the study, it was suggested that the preservice teachers should be provided rich learning environments which promote the use of theory and are enriched with technology and they should be guided appropriately to increase the candidates’ quality and level of theory use.




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KILIÇ, S. D. ., & Masal, E. (2019). Investigation of Preservice Teachers’ Theory Use Through Course Video. Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Technology, 7(4), 98–109.