Changing Attitudes towards Educational Technology Usage in Classroom: Web 2.0 Tools

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  • Hava İpek Akbulut
  • Zeynep Tatlı
  • Derya Altınışık



The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of using Web 2.0 tools in teaching on teacher candidates' attitudes towards using technology and instructional materials in the classroom environment, within the context of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). To this end, a training program was given to 46 teacher candidates in various departments. This study employs an interrupted time series model which is a quasi-experimental research design. “Technological Attitude Scale” developed by Erdemir, Bak?rc? and Eyduran (2009), “Attitude Scale for Material Use in Classroom Environment” developed by ?pek Akbulut and Halilo?lu Tatl? (2013) and semi-structured interviews were used as data collection tools. The quantitative data obtained were analyzed using a paired sample t-test with SPSS 15.00, while the qualitative data were subjected to content analysis. The attitudes of the teacher candidates towards the use of technology and the use of instructional materials in the classroom environment showed a statistically significant difference before and after the training course. Additionally, at the end of the training program, all the participant teacher candidates pointed out that the use of technology in the classroom environment is a necessity




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İpek Akbulut, H., Tatlı, Z., & Altınışık, D. (2019). Changing Attitudes towards Educational Technology Usage in Classroom: Web 2.0 Tools. Malaysian Online Journal of Educational Technology, 7(2), 1–19.