Augmented Reality From Turkish Researchers' Perspective

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  • Mubin Kıyıcı Sakarya University



Concept of augmented reality (AR) has been attracting the attention of researchers due to its feature of combining physical environment of students and digital presentation materials and offering them to users. AR applications have made a great impression among scientists working in a wide range of fields from engineering sciences to social sciences and become the subject matter of theoretical and experimental research and different kinds of studies in a process starting from the design and programming steps of AR applications to their usage by end-users. In this research, 191 different studies conducted by Turkish scientists on AR were subjected to a document analysis, and the studies were examined according to their fields, types, research designs and population and sample characteristics. These studies were also subjected to a content analysis and scrutinized. According to the research results, AR applications have become the subject matters of product design / development studies particularly in engineering sciences while their different effects have been tested with quantitative research designs in educational sciences.




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