Volume 10 - Issue 3
Examining the Factors Affecting Teachers' Use of Digital Learning Resources with UTAUT2
Süleyman Avcı
Univercity of Marmara, Turkey

Digital learning resources include various tools and applications that effectively plan and evaluate instructions, increase student learning, and make the teaching process more efficient. Although digital learning resources are compatible with Generation Z students’ learning paths and are used to make the teaching planning, implementation, and evaluation process more practical, teachers do not frequently use them. This study aims to determine the predictive powers of variables within the framework of the UTAUT2 model for teachers’ intention to use and their use behavior of Digital Teaching Resources. In line with the research purpose, data from 355 teachers working at different education levels were collected through the UTAUT2 scale. In the UTAUT2 model, Social Influence, Facilitating Conditions, Hedonic Motivation, Performance Expectancy, Effort Expectancy, Price Value, and Habit are exogenous variables. Furthermore, Use Behavior is endogenous and Behavioral Intention is the mediator variable. Path analysis was used for determining the predictive level of the exogenous variables and the mediating variable. According to the results, teachers’ Intention to Use digital learning materials is predicted by Hedonic Motivation, Performance Expectancy, and Habit. Similarly, the Use Behavior is predicted by Behavioral Intention and Habit.
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