Volume 10 - Issue 3
Using ICT in the Teaching and Learning of Music in the Colleges of Education During a Pandemic Situation in Ghana
Mark Valentine AIKINS
OLA College of Education, Department of Mathematics and ICT
Godfred Teye Mensah AKUFFO
Bia Lamplighter College Of Education, Department Of Creative Arts

With the introduction of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education, teachers and students can now engage in teaching and learning in new ways. It has given schools the ability to ensure that teachers and students have access to instructional resources both in and out of the classroom. The goal of this article is to look into how music tutors and student teachers in Ghana used ICT technologies in music sessions, as well as the problems that virtual teaching and learning encountered during the Covid-19 pandemic. With a case study as the research design, a mixed method research paradigm was applied Data was gathered using methods such as interviews and questionnaires. Scheduled phone calls and Google forms were used to collect data. The study found that ICT methods were the best way to keep teaching and learning going during the covid 19 pandemic, when schools were temporarily locked down, but there were significant problems. As a result, it was suggested that all music tutors and student teachers receive some training in the use of ICT tools. At addition, authorities in Ghana's colleges of education should make virtual interaction a part of the educational process to eliminate distance as a barrier to learning.
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