Volume 8 - Issue 1
ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning Activities in Higher Education: A Case Study of Nepal’s Teacher Education
Kesh Rana
Refstadveien 50, 0589, Oslo, Norway
Karna Rana
Tarakeshwor Municipality – 9, Kathmandu Nepal

This article reports an examination of information and communication technology (ICT) integration in teaching and learning activities in higher education in Nepal. ICT education policy by the government of Nepal emphasises the need to develop teachers’ ICT competencies and suggests the use of ICT will transform traditional models of teaching to ones that are student-centred. The case study reported the lack of clear strategy to implement the ICT education policy and to fund for the ICT infrastructure and professional development of university staff to integrate ICT in teacher education. In this case, the Faculty of Education in the university, where there is no funding from the government and university for the ICT in education project, received funding from an international organisation to install ICT infrastructure and provide ICT training for teachers and other staff. It is argued that, to realise the policy in practice, more sustainable mechanisms need to be developed to provide ICT facilities for teachers and to train them how to use ICT in teaching activities.
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