Volume 8 - Issue 1
Examination of the Relationship Between Individual Innovativeness Levels and Professional Innovativeness Tendencies of Classroom Teacher Candidates
Sakarya University

The aim of this study is to examine the level of individual innovation and the professional innovativeness tendencies of the classroom teacher candidates. Scanning model was used in the research. The population of the study consists of 192 pre-service teachers studying in the faculty of education. K?l?çer and Odaba??’s (2010) Turkish adaptaion of "Individual Innovativeness Scale" and "Professional Innovativeness Tendencies Scale" developed by Y?lmaz, So?ukçe?me, Ayhan, Tuncay, Sancar ve Deniz (2014) and personal data form is used as a data collection tool. The mean points of individual innovation of teacher candidates is found at low levels. While the individual innovation points of the classroom teachers differ according to the level of the father education, it is found that the professional innovation tendencies differ according to the grade level. It was concluded that there was a moderate, positive and significant relationship between the individual innovation points of the classroom teachers and the professional innovativeness tendencies. In this respect, the participation of classroom teacher candidates should be encouraged for scientific activities such as conferences, seminars and workshops on topics such as innovation, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.
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