Volume 7 - Issue 4
The Effect Of Digital Teaching Material (Public Service Ad) Development Process On Preservice Teachers’ Creative Thinking Skills
Kırşehir Ahi Evran Unviersity

This research was aimed at finding answers to the question how preservice teachers use creative thinking skills in a digital teaching material development process. The mixed method using both quantitative and qualitative methods was preferred in the research. The Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) Figural Form A was applied to the preservice teachers at the beginning and the end of the research. The SPSS software was used for analyzing the quantitative data. According to the pretest and posttest results of TTCT Figural Form A, the preservice teachers had significantly higher scores in the fluency, originality and elaboration factors in the posttest but no significant difference was observed in favor of the posttest scores in the abstractness of titles and resistance to premature closure factors. Interviews with the preservice teachers, observations and video records constitute qualitative data sources. It was aimed with the qualitative data triangulation to examine the effect of digital teaching material development process on preservice teachers’ creative thinking skills. Descriptive analysis and content analysis methods were used for analyzing the qualitative data. The results showed that the preservice teachers had positive opinions of the course in general, and they reported that they had fun and spent productive time as they did something practical.
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