Volume 7 - Issue 4
Effect of Web-Based Intelligence Tutoring System on Students’ Achievement and Motivation
Recep Çakır
Amasya University

This study aims to investigate the effect of Web?Based Intelligence Tutoring System on Students’ Achievement and Motivation in the computer introduction course. For this purpose, an intelligent tutoring system called Office Master was designed and developed that can be reached on the internet. With this software, subjects are taught to students, are presented in audio, visual, and written form. A specific sequence of subjects was determined in the system. The system includes intelligence features for intelligent tutoring systems. Thanks to these features, when students start the lesson, their preliminary information about the subject is checked, and they can follow the subject from the required unit. In addition, students’ logs are recorded in the system. A quasi?experimental design with the pretest?posttest control group was used as a quantitative research design to evaluate the effectiveness of the system. It was observed that the achievement of the students was significantly increased as a result of the application, and it was also concluded that the students were very motivated with the system when the results of the motivation survey were examined. It is recommended that similar systems should be applied in other courses so that the courses taught in universities will be more effective and efficient.
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