Volume 7 - Issue 4
Adult Learners’ Participation In A Blended Learning Environment: A Case Study On Imposed Pace Learning
Hale Ilgaz
Ankara University

Distance education provides individuals with extensive learning opportunities. Learners of all ages enjoy the opportunity to become well-equipped individuals as many educational institutions offer flexible and blended programs that can aid in personal and professional development. The current study focuses on adult learners and aims to investigate their opinions of an imposed-pace program design and this design’s reflection on their participation. This study employed a qualitative research design and interviewed 30 individuals and found that mandatory attendance increased participants’ interaction with the content by eliminating other responsibilities and obligations as excuses for non-participation. Additional factors affecting participation included instructors’ voices in a narrated online course and integration activities that allowed for self-evaluation during the course. Virtual and face-to-face interactions were also found to be important factors. Session timing, communication abilities, technical issues, and effective communication were the other emergent findings in this study.
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