Volume 4 - Issue 1
The Influence of Demographic Factor on Personal Innovativeness Towards Technology Acceptance
Noraini Mohamed Noh
Sultan Idris Education University
Mahizer Hamzah
Sultan Idris Education University
Norazilawati Abdullah
Sultan Idris Education University

Library and Media Teacher (LMT) readiness of accepting and using technology innovation earlier than their colleagues could expedite the technology innovation process into the school education system. The aim of this paper is to report on a study that explored the impact of experience in using computer and the level of ICT knowledge towards personal innovativeness. This study employed a quantitative approach in the form of a survey. A total of 546 LMTs were randomly selected as research samples. Data gathered through a set of instruments consisting of personal innovativeness and ICT knowledge questionnaire. Data being analyzed descriptively and inferentially using mean, percentage, frequency and multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA). Findings demonstrated that majority of the Library and Media Teachers had moderate personal innovativeness. Experience in using computer, level of education and ICT knowledge level are found to influence and contribute to Library and Media Teachers’ personal innovativeness and significantly.
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