Utilization of Ict by Moral Education Teachers

Volume 1 - Issue 4
Ilhavenil a/p Narinasamy Wan Hasmah Wan Mamat
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Studies show that information and communications technology (ICT) integration in many classrooms today enhances students’ learning and skills acquisition. Thus, it is necessary for teachers to integrate ICT in their classrooms. This paper discusses the need to incorporate ICT in Moral Education. This study adopts the qualitative approach design using non-participant observation, semi-structured interviews and teachers’ journals to gain insights into the teachers’ employment of ICT in their teaching. Data were analyzed based on codes, then were later arranged into categories and themes. The results highlight the lack of utilization of ICT by the teachers in teaching Moral Education. This revelation indicates that the training of teachers is deemed vital to make teachers and school authorities aware that ICT is a pertinent pedagogical tool to provide a positive learning environment.


  • Moral Education
  • teachers
  • information technology
  • computer technology integration
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