The Geometric Construction Abilities Of Gifted Students In Solving Real - World Problems: A Case From Turkey

Volume 4 - Issue 4
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Geometric constructions have already been of interest to mathematicians. However, studies on geometric construction are not adequate in the relevant literature. Moreover, these studies generally focus on how secondary school gifted students solve non-routine mathematical problems. The present study aims to examine the geometric construction abilities of ninth-grade (15 years old) gifted students in solving real-world geometry problems, thus a case study was conducted. Six gifted students participated in the study. The data is consisted of voice records, solutions, and models made by the students on the GeoGebra screen. Results indicate that gifted students use their previous knowledge effectively during the process of geometric construction. They modeled the situations available in the problems through using mathematical concepts and the software in coordination. Therefore, it is evident that gifted students think more creatively while solving problems by means of GeoGebra.


  • Gifted students
  • Geometric construction ability
  • Real-world problems
  • Problem solving
  • GeoGebra software
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