The Development of Teaching and Learning in Bright-Field Microscopy Technique

Volume 1 - Issue 4
Yulita Hanum P Iskandar Nurul Ethika Mahmud Wan Nor Amilah Wan Abdul Wahab Noor Izani Noor Jamil Nurlida Basir
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E-learning should be pedagogically-driven rather than technologically-driven. The objectives of this study are to develop an interactive learning system in bright-field microscopy technique in order to support students’ achievement of their intended learning outcomes. An interactive learning system on bright-field microscopy technique was developed in CD-ROM format which included various elements: text, images, animations, video, and audio. Thirty first-year biomedicine students in Universiti Sains Malaysia attended a 3-hour fixed laboratory session for conventional teaching and learning for bright-field microscopy technique. All subjects then answered a set of questionnaires. Subjects were provided with multimedia teaching and learning materials. After the task, all the subjects were given the second set of questionnaires to measure their level of acceptance and satisfaction with the interactive learning system. It is anticipated that the interactive learning system in bright-field microscopy technique would be suitable as a supporting learning aid for the laboratory or practical session


  • Teaching
  • Learning
  • Bright-Field
  • Microscopy Technique
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