Secondary School Mathematics Teachers’ and Students’ Views on Computer Assisted Mathematics Instruction in Turkey: Mathematica Example

Volume 5 - Issue 1
Mehmet Alper Ardıç Tevfik İşleyen
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This study aims to determine the secondary school mathematics teachers and students’ views on computer-assisted mathematics instruction (CAMI) conducted via Mathematica. Accordingly, three mathematics teachers in Adıyaman and nine 10th-grade students participated in the research. Firstly, the researchers trained the mathematics teachers about Mathematica program, a computer algebra system (CAS) and CAMI. Then, they provided a suitable environment for teachers to practice CAMI with their students to teach quadratic functions (parabola). Case study, a qualitative research design, was utilised in the study. Semi-structured interview forms were used as data collection tool. The interview data were analyzed using descriptive and content analysis, and the codes and themes related to the topic were obtained. The findings revealed that all the teachers found CAMI implementations interesting as supported by students’ views. While all mathematics teachers wanted to benefit from CAMI in mathematics and geometry courses, most of the students asked CAMI to be used in different courses. It was found out that students did not have any problems about the Mathematica used with CAMI activities. However, it was also revealed by one student and one teacher that involving CAMI constantly in the courses would hinder the preparations for the university entrance exam.


  • Computer-assisted instruction
  • computer algebra systems
  • mathematics instruction.
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