Retrospective Evaluation of a Collaborative Learning Science Module: The’ Users Perspective

Volume 1 - Issue 2
Dorothy DeWitt SaedahSiraj Norlidah Alias Hai Leng Chin
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This study focuses on the retrospective evaluation of collaborative mLearning (CmL) Science module for teaching secondary school science which was designed based on social constructivist learning theories and Merrill’s First Principle of Instruction. This study is part of a developmental research in which computer-mediated communication (CMC) tools such asdiscussion forums, collaborative work spaces (wiki), and text messaging was employed. The user evaluation focuses on the retrospective evaluation of sixteen (16) Form 2 students as users on completion of the module. Data collection was from a surveys and interviews. However, to ensure reliability, the results were triangulated with the users’online communications on the forums, wikis, and text messages. The findings showedthat the CmLmodule has several strengths and weaknesses. However, the CmL module could be used for learning as it provided an opportunity for scientific inquiry in the search for information and through both online and face-to-face discussions while solving problems. In addition, the findings show that the CmLmodule could be used to encourage scientific inquiry for encouraging the nature of science.


  • Collaborative learning
  • Computer-mediated communication tools
  • Mobile learning
  • Informal learning
  • Evaluation.
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