Profiling Web Technology Adoption of English Language Instructors in Malaysian Universities

Volume 6 - Issue 4
Puvaneswary Murugaiah
Pages: 67-82 Download Count : 1090 View Count: 1741 DOI Number 10.17220/mojet.2018.04.006 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Undeniably the use of web technology in language teaching and learning has advanced by leaps and bounds. It not only provides effective learning experiences to the present digitally-inclined students but also assists teachers in creating interesting content and activities as well as in monitoring and evaluating students. Teachers at all educational levels employ web technology in their teaching. However, it has been reported that its potential has not been fully reaped. This paper presents findings from a study investigating the nature and extent of web technologies used by Malaysian tertiary English language instructors. The aim was to examine the nature and extent of using such tools in language teaching. Profiling the web technology adoption by these instructors would provide insights on the degree of use and the range of web potentialities that has been explored; providing vital information to all key players regarding support and training needs, among others. The findings of the study revealed that the English instructors employed a myriad of web tools. They demonstrated a high level of use of these tools for teaching but only a medium level for communication and evaluation.


  • web technologies
  • English language
  • teaching
  • tertiary institutions
  • profile
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