Perceptions of Prospective Teachers on Digital Literacy

Volume 5 - Issue 4
Emre Çam Mübin Kıyıcı
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The aim of the study is to identify the digital literacy levels of prospective teachers in terms of several variables. The study used quantitative model. The study group of research was constituted while 354 prospective teachers studying in different departments of Sakarya University College of Education. In order to gather the data of the research, 30 items of “Digital Literacy Scale” was developed and used by the researchers. The developed scale was composed of 5 different factors under the name of information literacy, visual literacy, software literacy, technology literacy and computer literacy. With regard to the research result, in terms of gender variable digital literacy levels of male prospective teachers and in terms of department variable digital literacy levels of computer education and instructional technology teaching department were found high. Besides, the digital literacy levels of prospective teachers having continuous internet connection or a computer that they can continuously use were found high. In addition to that, it was analyzed in the research that prospective teachers’ personal income levels had no effect on the digital literacy levels of prospective teachers. In the analysis of data gathered, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Cronbach Alpha, t-test and Anova analysis were used.


  • Digital; literacy; technology; visual; software; computer; information
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