Interaction Analysis of FAIMER Mentor-Learner Web Online Collaborative Learning Session

Volume 8 - Issue 2
Zayapragassarazan Zayabalaradjane Thomas V Chacko
Pages: 12-27 Download Count : 425 View Count: 928 DOI Number 10.17220/mojet.2020.02.002 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


This report presents the compilation of interaction analysis of a month long online discussion that supplemented regular FAIMER fellowship programme for health professional teachers. Online discussion forums are considered as an effective means and if conducted using appropriate protocols and activities will help learners to share and gain knowledge from each other. Research on interaction analysis stresses the need for proper protocols to evaluate online discussion for meaningful learning. For preparing this report Henri’s (1992) model for interaction analysis of computer-mediated communication was used for the qualitative analysis of electronic discourse that held as part of FAIMER programme among the 2015 and 2016 FAIMER fellows. The key domains examined for reporting are electronic interaction, social cues, cognitive skills and depth of information processing and metacognitive skills and knowledge. Transcript of interaction analysis of 454 mails posted for the entire month revealed most of the interactions were linear and some are of branching type. The social cues used during this computer mediated communication gave recognition to the moderators. Around 60% of participants’ information were at the surface level, 25% were at an in-depth level of information processing, and nearly 15% were of both surface and deep information processing. The metacognitive activities identified by Henri, such as planning, self-awareness, and evaluation were also witnessed in this online discussion making the discussion forum learner-centered. The outcomes of this maiden attempt on the interaction analysis supports the assumption of online discussion forums as an important component of online courses, and the need for usable protocols for analyzing the effectiveness of online discussions as a form of computer-mediated communication. Thus, the FAIMER online discussion forum that was created for collaborative learning on the topic “Giving Feedback” fulfils the criteria proposed in Henri’s protocol for evaluating meaningful collaborative learning through online discussions. Online discussions if conducted following appropriate protocols will have greatest potential on the impact of learning and can serve as easy and effective means of capacity building of health professional educators.


  • FAIMER ML Web Discussion
  • discussion forum
  • interaction analysis
  • evaluation of online learning
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