ICT Integration In Education: Incorporation for Teaching & Learning Improvement

Volume 2 - Issue 2
Simin Ghavifekr Ahmad Zabidi Abd Razak Muhammad Faizal A. Ghani Ng Yan Ran Yao Meixi & Zhang Tengyue
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Over the last two decades, the rapid growth of ICT has become one of the most important topics discussed by the scholars in education. This is due to the capability of ICT in providing a dynamic and proactive teaching and learning environment. In line with the current digital era, teachers are required to integrate ICT in their daily teaching and replace their traditional methods with modern tools and facilities. The main focus of this paper is on effectiveness of ICT integration in education. More specifically, this paper aims at identifying the level of computer skills and knowledge of primary school teachers in the teaching and learning process. Moreover, the objective of this paper is to identify the level of ICT integration in teaching and learning process in classroom by primary school teachers. A total of 61 teachers from 10 public primary schools in Klang Valley, Malaysia have been selected randomly to complete this quantitative study’s survey questionnaire. The findings illuminate that most of the teachers are normal users, and many teachers more frequently use ICT in the teachers’ room for their work rather than using it in their classroom for teaching and learning. Moreover, results show that teachers should always be ready and well-equipped in terms of ICT competencies and positive attitude to provide ICT-based learning opportunities for students to improve their learning quality.


  • ICT integration
  • Education
  • Teaching and learning process
  • Primary School Teachers
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