Factors Affecting Teachers Utilization of Technology in Malaysian ESL Classrooms

Volume 2 - Issue 2
Foziah Mahmood Huzaina Abdul Halim Sarasvati Rajindra Munirah Mohd Ghani
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Previous studies conducted by researchers show that technology utilization in the ESL classroom indeed aids students in the learning process (Snelbecker 1999). Furthermore, it also ensures that students achieve better results in English Language. Thus, this study was conducted as a stepping stone to help teachers perform better in utilizing technology in the ESL classrooms. This effort will then improve the standards of English in secondary classrooms as they are moving ahead to tertiary level and leading to career pathway where they will apply both theoretical and practical values, (Winkellmann and Meskill 1995). Therefore, utilization of computer advancement in the ESL secondary classrooms has become an important tool to enhance effective teaching and learning in the ESL classroom. Thus it has led to a survey being conducted among 70 samples chosen by the researcher through random sampling among the large population of ESL teachers in Klang Valley, Malaysia. A structured questionnaire was used as an investigation tool to obtain data from the samples. About 70 questionnaires were distributed to the respondents in selected schools in Kuala Lumpur. The questionnaires were self-administered and collected personally by the researcher. Prior to that, a one to one interview session also was conducted once the respondents have finished filling the questionnaire. The raw data obtained through the questionnaire was coded, analyzed and calculated using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, SPSS version 17. The interview data collected were transcribed and analyzed in order to triangulate the results of the findings obtained. The findings revealed that foundation awareness on what is expected by these teachers regarding technology use in the ESL secondary classrooms. It has been found that some school teachers were forced to use technology in the classroom without giving them some quality time to learn and acquire it in order for them to have a passion to learn how to utilize and apply it without fail and more confidently in their ESL classroom. This study was conducted as an initial effort to help teachers perform the best in utilizing technology in the ESL classrooms rather than neglecting their feelings, needs and effort in blindly trying to compete with the rapid movement of technology in education in this era.


  • Teachers Utilization
  • technology
  • teachers
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