Evaluating the Impact of Technology Integration in Teaching and Learning

Volume 2 - Issue 1
Nafisat Afolake Adedokun-Shittu Abdul Jaleel Kehinde Shittu[
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This article reports the impacts of technology integration on teaching and learning from a study that examines the impact of ICT deployment in teaching and learning at a University in Nigeria. The survey data were drawn from 593 respondents (students and lecturers) and the survey instrument employed for both the students and the lecturers is a 64-item questionnaire that was each subdivided into seven parts. The study finds many ICT impacts in teaching and learning such as: learning aid and resourcefulness, comfort with ICT, psychoanalytical and psychosocial aid, task enabler, interdependence with ICT and learning collaboration. It also identifies factors that need to be recognized in ICT impact study settings such as: perception, integration, motivation and challenges.


  • Impact
  • technology integration
  • teaching and learning
  • evaluation
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