Effectiveness of the Biology PTechLS Module in a Felda Science Centre

Volume 2 - Issue 4
Norlidah Alias Dorothy DeWitt Mohd Nazri Abdul Rahman Rashidah Begum Gelamdin Rose Amnah Abd Rauf Saedah Siraj
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The PTechLS module combines learning styles with the use of technology to increase students’ learning experience, especially in learning abstract concepts. The PTechLS module prototype was developed by Norlidah Alias (2010). The aim of this study is to evaluate the implementation effectiveness of the Biology PTechLS module in a Felda Learning Centre in the district of Jempol in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. The PTechLS module was implemented from 2012 to 2014. The study employs a quasi- experimental design involving 37 students. In addition, a retrospective usability evaluation of the PTechLS module implementation was conducted, with two Biology teachers as the users. The findings of this study show that there were significant difference in the pre-test and post-test scores. This indicates that students’ achievement score could improve after using the Biology PTechLS module. The interview with the teachers showed that the Biologi PtechLS module could be used as a resource. In addition, further improvements of the PTechLS module were suggested. Hence, there is possibility that the Biology PtechLS Module could be used in other secondary schools in rural areas in Malaysia to improve achivement and interest in Biology.


  • PtechLS module
  • Biology
  • Quasi Experiment
  • Usability Evaluation
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