Effect of Using Logo on Students’ Learning in Two-Dimensional Shapes

Volume 4 - Issue 3
Jia Yi Boo Kwan Eu Leong
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The integration of technology in mathematics instruction is an important step in the 21st century learning style. At the primary level, some studies have explored how technology could help in mathematics learning. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of using Logo on students’ learning of the properties of two-dimensional shapes. A total of 36 mixed ability Year 4 students from a primary school in Pahang, Malaysia participated in this study using the quasi experimental research design. The experimental group was taught with the use of Logo while the control group was taught with the traditional method. The difference in achievement between the experimental group and control group was measured by pre-test and post-test. Results of the study showed that the experimental group students performed better than the control group. Students’ perception toward the use of Logo was measured by using a questionnaire with close-ended items. The findings of this study indicated that the use of Logo improved students’ understanding of two-dimensional shapes. In addition, students have positive perception toward learning the properties of two-dimensional shapes using Logo.


  • Logo; understanding; effectiveness; properties; two-dimensional shapes
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