Development and Evaluation of Multi-frames Video Recorded Experiments as Self-learning Materials for Electricity Topic

Volume 7 - Issue 1
Razak Abd Samad Yahya Anis Nazihah Mat Daud Rosly Jaafar
Pages: 34-46 Download Count : 1015 View Count: 1385 DOI Number 10.17220/mojet.2019.01.003 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


The purpose of this study is to develop and evaluate Multi-frames Video Recorded Experiments (MFVREs) as self-learning materials for Electricity topic of the Malaysian Form Five Physics curriculum. The development of MFVREs consisted of eight steps; selecting topic, selecting related experiments, preparing apparatus and materials for experiments, testing experiments, setting up recording apparatus, recording experiments, editing MFVREs and testing MFVREs. The MFVREs comprised of four subtopics; electric field and charge flow, relationship between current and potential difference, series and parallel circuits and electromotive force and internal resistance. The compatibilities of MFVREs as self-learning materials were evaluated from their effectiveness’s towards students’ achievement and students’ perceptions towards MFVREs. The samples of this study consisted of 40 Form Five students of a secondary school in Slim River and they were equally and randomly divided into the experiment and control groups. The experiment group used MFVREs as self-learning materials together with a printed module while the control group used only the printed module. The findings showed that there was a significant difference in achievements between control and experiment groups and students of experiment group showed positive perceptions towards the design and content of MFVREs. Therefore, MFVREs are effective as self-learning materials to improve students’ achievements in learning Physics.


  • Multi-frames Video Recorded Experiments (MFVREs)
  • self-learning materials
  • Electricity topic
  • Form Five
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