Cognitive Task Analysis of Experts in Designing Multimedia Learning Object Guideline (M-Log)

Volume 1 - Issue 1
Rafiza Abdul Razak PunithavathyPalanisamy
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The purpose of this study was to design and develop a set of guidelines for multimedia learning objects to inform instructional designers (IDs) about the procedures involved in the process of content analysis. This study was motivated by the absence of standardized procedures in the beginning phase of the multimedia learning object design which is content analysis and the lack of awareness among IDs on steps to be followed during content analysis. The research design applied cognitive task analysis of experts via interview and the triangulation was done via content analysis. The findings are instructional design framework for IDs to follow and as a platform where IDs and SMEs collaboratively design the content for multimedia learning objects (M-LOG) to enhance the quality of multimedia learning objects.


  • Learning objects
  • instructional design
  • multimedia learning
  • cognitive task analysis
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