Analysis of Teaching Materials Developed by Prospective Mathematics Teachers and Their Views on Material Development

Volume 5 - Issue 4
Timur Koparan
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This study was conducted with the aim of exploring the quality of teaching materials developed by prospective mathematics teachers and their viewpoints on developing teaching materials. The study was carried out with 170 prospective teachers from 4 classes in the Fall Semester of 2014-2015 Academic Year. During the first 8 weeks of the 14-week-long study, the theoretical parts and teaching technologies of the course were introduced. In the next 6 weeks, the prospective teachers were expected to present the materials they developed in a classroom environment. The data in this study were collected through the materials prepared by the prospective teachers, classroom observations, and survey questions. The data gained went under content and descriptive analysis. Findings indicate that prospective teachers can use the teaching technologies on a satisfactory level and prepare materials in accordance with the attainments. It also became evident that they believed they gained the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes in this course to develop and use teaching materials, and they would like to take advantage of these knowledge and skills in their teaching profession. In accordance with the findings, it is concluded that prospective teachers have positive views and attitudes to general teaching technologies and material development.


  • Mathematics education
  • teaching materials
  • computer supported mathematics education
  • dynamic softwares
  • prospective teachers
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