A Web Based System Design for Creating Content in Adaptive Educational Hypermedia and Its Usability

Volume 8 - Issue 3
Yıldız Özaydın Aydoğdu Nursel Yalçın
Pages: 1-24 Download Count : 210 View Count: 643 DOI Number 10.17220/mojet.2020.03.001 Facebook Share on Google+ Save to Zotero Save to Mendeley


Adaptive educational hypermedia is an environment that offers an individualized learning environment according to the characteristics, knowledge and purpose of the students. In general, adaptive educational hypermedia, a user model is created based on user characteristics and adaptations are made in terms of text, content or presentation according to the created user model. Different contents according to the user model are shown as much as user model creation in adaptive educational hypermedia. The development of applications that allow the creation of adaptive content according to the features specified in the user model has great importance in ensuring the use of adaptive educational hypermedia in different contexts. The purpose of this research is to develop a web-based application for creating content in adaptive educational hypermedia and to examine the usability of the developed application. In order to examine the usability of the application developed in the scope of the study, a field expert opinion form was developed and opinions were asked about the usability of the application from 7 different field experts. As the result of the opinions, it has been seen that the application developed has a high usability level. In addition, based on domain expert recommendations, system revisions were made and the system was published at www.adaptivecontentdevelopment.com.


  • adaptive educational hypermedia
  • content development
  • e-learning
  • authoring tools
  • usability.
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